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Deadlines on the Front Line - Available November 2018 Superpowers, Rogue States and Terrorism: Countering the Security Threats to the West Total Onslaught: War and Revolution in Southern Africa 1945-2018

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Dying for the Truth: A Concise History of Frontline War Reporting The Jihadist Threat: The Re-Conquest of the West Omar al-Bashir and Africa's Longest War The Rhodesian War: Fifty Years on from UDI
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The director has been working on a charitable basis to help children and adults with dyscalculia. Paul’s book on the subject, It Just Doesn’t Add Up, was published in March 2014.


Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers: A Rare Victory in Sri Lanka’s Long War


Shooting the Messenger: The Politics of War Reporting
(new updated paperback)
Mugabe’s War Machine The Rhodesian War


2011 - Sudan Referendum

The CFPA worked with Martin Stalker and Irwin Armstrong to produce a film - for an extract click the following link: or watch using the player on the right.



In October 2010, Biteback Publishers launched Paul Moorcraft's latest book of adventures: Insides the Danger Zones: Travels to Arresting Places. Biteback is an exciting and prolific new publishing venture which brought out over 50 highly charged political books in its first year.

The launch was held in the RUSI library. Both print and electronic reviewers praised the book as hilarious, tragic and informative. It came out immediately in mass paperback.


2007 / 2008 - Symposium on China-Sudan Relations

The proceedings of this conference held in Beijing on 26 July 2007, were published in May 2008. The event was organised by the Centre and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The main aim of the meeting was to examine ways of resolving the crisis in Darfur. For a quick read see short chapters by Dowden, Chan and Salih.


Axis of Evil: The War on Terror
(Pen and Sword – May 2005)
Guns and Poses: Travels with an occasional war correspondent The New Wars of West
(Axis of Evil updated and revised for the US market, Casemate; October, 2005)


Paul Moorcraft contributes regularly to a wide range of newspapers, magazines and specialist journals in the UK, US and South Africa, including the Washington Times, the Guardian (UK) and Business Day (Johannesburg).

He has written a critique of the coalition’s presence in Iraq ('Exit from Baghdad', the US Armed Forces Journal, March 2005) and the conflict in Sudan ('Sudan: End of the longest war?' RUSI journal, February 2005).