Professor Paul Moorcraft

Professor Paul MoorcroftProfessor Paul Moorcraft is an internationally respected expert on crisis communications, especially relating to military and security issues. He was the editor of a range of security and foreign policy magazines, including Defence Review and Defence International. He worked for Time magazine, the BBC and most of the Western TV networks as a freelance producer/war correspondent as well as lecturing full-time (consecutively) at ten major universities in journalism, politics and international relations. He was a Distinguished Radford Visiting Professor in Journalism at Baylor University, Texas. He has worked in 30 war zones in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans, often with irregular forces. Most recently he has been working in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine/Israel, Nepal, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka.

Dr Moorcraft is a former senior instructor at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College. He also worked in Corporate Communications in the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall. The Ministry recalled him for six months during the Iraq war in 2003.

He has been a crisis management consultant to such international blue-chip companies as Shell, British Gas, 3M, Standard Bank etc, as well as working for various government organizations, most recently the UK Department of Trade and Industry and the UK Ministry of Defence. He is the author of a wide range of books on military history, politics and crime as well as four volumes of memoirs. Dr Moorcraft is a regular broadcaster (BBC TV and radio, as well as Sky, Al Jazeera, CBC etc) and op-ed/columnist for major international newspapers (the Guardian, New Statesman, Washington Times, Canberra Times, Business Day, Western Mail etc). One of his recent books is Axis of Evil: The War on Terror (Pen and Sword, May 2005). An updated version, The New Wars of the West, was published by Casemate in the US in 2006. His Shooting the Messenger: The Politics of War Reporting (Potomac, 2008, updated paperback, Biteback, 2011) was co-authored with Prof. Phil Taylor. The Rhodesian War: A Military History (with Dr Peter McLaughlin) was published by Pen and Sword books in April 2008 (paperback 2011). Inside the Danger Zones: Travels to Arresting Places (Biteback) was published in 2010. His Mugabe's War Machine (Pen and Sword) came out in 2011. The Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers: The Rare Victory of Sri Lanka's Long War was published by Pen and Sword in 2012. Omar al-Bashir and Africa's Longest War is due out in 2015. He does charity work to help dyscalculics ─ It Just Doesn't Add Up: Explaining Dyscalculia and Overcoming Number Problems for Children and Adults (Filament, Croydon, 2014). Dr Moorcraft is also an award-winning novelist; his best-known non-fiction is Anchoress of Shere (Poisoned Pen Press).

Professor Moorcraft was head of mission for the independent British observer group (50 observers) during the Sudan national election in 2010, and returned in January 2011 to observe the independence referendum in South Sudan.

Besides directing the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis, London, he is a visiting professor at Cardiff University's School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Europe's leading journalism centre.